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"Just referred to myself as a Nikhil-Stan, I've trademarked the term."

Otto Sipe

CEO of Photon
"OOP is my pulse on the health tech space"

Isaac Palka

Sr Director at GeneDx
"A realistic take on healthcare/tech that eschews the industry standard"

Melissa Hinckley

Network Integrity & Innovation Program Director
"You sir are 'the Tim Ferriss of healthcare': funny, insightful, never boring, always useful"

Vishnu Rachakonda

Data Scientist at firsthand
"OOP helps you laugh instead of cry at healthcare"

Julia Lin

Product Manager at Tendo
"Informative, in-depth, and appropriate, reckless humor. Education 2.0."

Daniel Kaplan

Daniel Kaplan, Senior Associate, Generator Ventures
"Out-of-Pocket? So on point, it should be called 'in-the-pocket!'"

Ben Schwartz

"Topical, engaging, and funny af."

Rachel R.

Marketing Manager
"This looks unprofessional, what do the pictures mean?"

Nikhil's Dad

"Literally the only newsletter that manages to be relevant, important, AND laugh-out-loud entertaining."

Shannon Hooper

Chief Strategy & Product Officer BehaVR
"Out of Pocket: Deep health tech thinking combined with joie de vivre."

Ali Khan

Chief Medical Officer, VBC Strategy
"A how things work newsletter about our most convoluted - and important - industry"

Phil Weiss

VP of Customer Success @ CipherHealth
"Nikhil's newsletter literally saved my marriage"


"OOP would’ve made my life 10x easier if it was around when I first entered digital health."


CEO/Founder @ Ratio
"Deep insights, with a side of fun - a recommended read for anyone in healthcare."

Kyle Giddens

CEO Medcase

What is Out-Of-Pocket?

Healthcare is confusing, but it doesn't need to be. The goal of Out-Of-Pocket is to make healthcare accessible, entertaining, and understandable for anyone that wants to learn how it works. We're building a newsletter, crash courses, educational novelty products, and more to help cut through the noise and explain plainly the business of healthcare and where the industry is heading.

I say we but right now it's just me, Nikhil. I did some stints at CB Insights and TrialSpark, and now I'm trying to get more smart people interested in tackling problems in healthcare.

You can read more about the full Out-Of-Pocket game plan here.