Gen AI x Healthcare Ops Hackathon

San Francisco, 6/22 - 6/23 

We’ve been experimenting with events to help operators in healthcare build better, like Knowledgefest, a podcast and dinners. But we enjoy throwing shit against the wall so we’re trying something new: a hackathon.

Apply By 04/05

Join us for the first OOP hackathon

We think hackathons are fun and underrated. It’s one of the few spaces that lets you tap back into that late-night college manic energy we don’t get enough of… and a chance to build without any meetings. 

Also…generative AI! People won’t shut up about it so we need to do something so they stop bothering us! We want to use events to see if generative AI can solve some of your most painful ops woes. We like a good ~*practical application*~ and know that some of you haven’t had a chance to pick your head up and see what’s even possible with these new tools. 

So we want to try something a bit different with our hackathon.

Instead of giving you some redacted dataset or ambiguous prompts, we’re giving you the opportunity to solve your own problems using some of the generative AI tools that are available. We think this format will be more valuable for builders who are trying to get engineering resources  go deep into a problem.

It’s going to be on 6/22 (9am-6pm) - 6/23 (10am-5pm) in SF.

The Details

You bring the team, problem, and PHI-free data. We bring the food, space, vibes and advisors to help you during the weekend.

We think it’ll be fun, a bit chaotic and really valuable.

The Process



Apply as a team: Teams will apply to get in (< 4 people per team). We recommend 1 engineer, 1 product, and 1 ops (although you can decide who’s the right mix).


Get matched

If you want to join but don’t have a team, you should still apply! We will do our best to match you with others.


We Pick Teams

We’re capping the event to 10 teams.


You Hack

Saturday 6/22 is the marathon and Sunday 6/23 ends in the late afternoon with a demo day. The schedule will be released closer to the event.



Lodging is your responsibility, but sleeping bags are encouraged (jk).

We’ll be releasing more details later, but if you’re interested in either building or attending the final demos please fill out this short application by April 5 2024. Teams will be notified if they got in early May, and we’ll send details to attendees later.

There is no cost to you. Our only ask is that you wear deodorant and come with a problem big enough for 2 days of work.

This whole thing is an experiment that we’re figuring out so bear with us. But we’re excited to see what happens with it and open to ideas, sponsors, well wishes, and anything else.


Apply Here

"It's time to build" - I heard the rallying cry and I'm ready. There's an idea that's been bugging me that I think could be really cool but I just need some time to actually get it done.

Maybe I have a team or maybe I'm looking for someone, but I'm ready to be in an office and grind it out.


Fill Out This Form

I'm scared of building and I just want to watch greatness, not participate in it. I'm probably an aspiring VC (jk we love our VC friends).

This time I just want to see what other people are doing and get inspired, but maybe next time I'll participate!


Email Us

I am a generative AI startup that raised a little too much money and need places to deploy it that isn't another newsletter.

Email if that sounds like you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will this be in SF?

We're going to be figuring this out depending on how many potential attendees are, but don't worry we got some spaces that we can use. If you have a great, large space we could use for the weekend let us know! Email

Does it cost money?

It is both free to apply and to attend. We're doing this because it'll be fun and oh god I hope we get a sponsor.

What kinds of projects would be good fits?

Really you want us to write your application for you? Some inspiration:

- Think about all the random, text-based tasks you've had to do repetitively at every company you've been at
- If you could make a new image or video at the snap of your fingers, what does that enable?
- Find a patient or physician journey, is there something these new tools enable?
- Where are there a lot of phone calls? If you could robocall, what would you use it for?
- Look at some AI product demos outside of healthcare to inspire you

How does the matching process work?

Jeez you have a lot of questions don't you. We're giving preferences to teams that apply, but if you apply solo then we'll try to match you based on complementary skillset but similar ideas. We'll ask if you'd be open to matching with the person we think makes sense, and then if you both agree we'll connect you.

What's the actual schedule of events?

Just trust us bro. We're figuring this out, but most likely it will be

- Kick off the day with an explanation of what's going to happen + maybe some demos of other companies or AI talks
- The hacking begins! You'll have 48 hours to complete your projects, and we'll have judges/engineers who will be around to help you troubleshoot and think through things. It's like Master Chef, but way nerdier.
- We'll end by having everyone present their demos to attendees thenn ~*mingling*~ if you're not too sleep deprived.