Legal Stuff for Healthcare Software

Out-Of-Pocket is partnering with Michael Best to teach you about the basic legal things you should know about starting a healthcare software business.
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Things You'll Get From This Course


For different laws we’ll go through “what is it”, “why it matters”, and “how to deal with it”.

Real Stories

Hear from some of the partners on best practices and horror stories they’ve seen.

Contracting Know How

Learn what to expect in contracts so you’re not blindsided.

How to work with lawyers

All lawyers are different, figure out which ones you need and like.

Meet Your Instructor, Michael Evens

For the past five years, Michael has been helping clients to navigate the complexities and frustrations of growing a health-tech business. He was co-founder of a fractional General Counsel law firm named Trifecta General Counsel and now is a partner at Michael Best (though he’s the Best Michael, it’s confusing). While having practiced law for the past five years focused on healthcare, Michael’s also done everything from managing sales teams, implementing sales processes and CRM, managing products and even running a few engineering teams. How many lawyers do you know that can say they ran engineering?

Michael’s based outside of Minneapolis, MN, is a father of two awesome kids, a husband of one lovely lady and the owner of countless crushing disappointments as a lifelong MN sports fan.  

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Course Syllabus & Schedule

Module 1

Day 1

Regulatory Foundations

(7/9, 12-130 PM EST)

We’ll start with the basics before you even get to contracting. Understanding the basics of data privacy, when something is considered a medical device, and the role of government entities in regulating. If you have never heard of “Stark law” should come to this session

Module 2

Day 2

Commercial Contracting Foundations

(7/10, 12-130 PM EST)

We’ll go over what you can expect to see in sales contracts and how the different pieces interact with each other. We’ll also go through some of the key negotiating pieces like IP, security, SLAs, data use, and more. Contracts can be fun! We promise!

Module 3

Day 3

Real-World Examples

(7/11, 12-130 PM EST)

Two of the Michael Best Healthcare partners will chat from the health plan and health system perspective about some key negotiation points, how to think about your pitch in relation to contracting, and more. Plus you’ll get to ask questions (though it’s definitely not legal advice).

Module 4

Day 4

Bonus - Formation and Foundations

(7/12, 12-130 PM EST)

If you’re totally new to starting a business, we’ll talk about the very first steps. Which entity you should use, how to think about governance between founders, what goes into raising money, and IP/Trademark protections.

Module 5

Day 5

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Module 6

Day 6

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Module 7

Day 7

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Module 8

Day 8

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Module 9

Day 9

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Module 10

Day 10

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

Anyone that has a healthcare software business that’s potentially selling to payer or providers. Or if you just like hanging out with legal teams for some reason.

How much is it?

It’s free! This is the only time you’ll probably ever hear a lawyer say that.

Do I have to be at every session?

No, but we’ll be sad if you don’t come.

Will you give me legal advice for my company?

How many times do we have to give you this disclaimer? Nothing we said should be construed as legal advice. But we’ll have time for Q&A and try to point you in the right direction.