The Route To Physician Independence

How do we bring ownership back to physicians? For the last decade plus, physicians have been increasingly finding themselves working for large hospitals or corporations. But today thanks to new changes in the industry, it could be the time we see them go independent.


Is now the time for physicians to become independent again?

In the last few years, the number of physicians that were independent officially fell below the number that work for a hospital/investment firm. Consolidation has been the name of the game, while simultaneously doctors have been burning out and becoming disenchanted with the idea of working for health systems (especially in the wake of COVID).

With some regulatory changes, cultural shifts, and new tech tools is it possible to reverse that trend?

First is a presentation on some of the trends that have led us to this point, why I think it's important for us to figure out how physicians can become independent and feel ownership, and why independence is more possible today.

After that we had a discussion with some actual clinicians instead of a newsletter writer lmao. This includes perspectives from:

We talked about tools they wished existed, regulatory hurdles they've faced, what goes into starting a new practice, and more.

Download the slides and talk.

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