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Out-Of-Pocket is making the business of healthcare easy to understand. Sign up for the free email to get analysis on healthcare trends and get some solid, niche, industry memes.

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What is Out-Of-Pocket?

Healthcare is confusing, but it doesn't need to be. The goal of Out-Of-Pocket is to make healthcare accessible, entertaining, and understandable for anyone that wants to learn how it works. We're building a newsletter, crash courses, educational novelty products, and more to help cut through the noise and explain plainly the business of healthcare and where the industry is heading.

I say we but right now it's just me, Nikhil. I did some stints at CB Insights and TrialSpark, and now I'm trying to get more smart people interested in tackling problems in healthcare.

You can read more about the full Out-Of-Pocket game plan here.