Healthcare Jeopardy

Want to test your healthcare knowledge? Try playing this game of healthcare jeopardy and see how much you know. Customize this template to include whatever you want! Use it to onboard new team members, have a happy hour, or demonstrate your pseudo dominance of healthcare knowledge to people that don't know anything about healthcare and are wondering why they're playing this game during a baby shower.


Test your healthcare knowledge with the Out-Of-Pocket Healthcare Jeopardy! There are 6 categories:

  • Acronyms
  • Regulation
  • Healthcare Companies
  • Biology, Diseases, & Medicine
  • History of Healthcare
  • Important People in Healthcare

If you get more than 50% right you need to find a hobby!

This game is a great game to play with a remote team or help teach random facts to people that might be new to healthcare. There's something to learn for everybody.

Feel free to take the template and customize it with your own questions too. Hope you enjoy!

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