The Six Stages of Health Tech Grief

Starting a health tech company is hard. After seeing so many entrepreneurs face the same trials and tribulations while starting a healthcare company, I thought I'd put a guide together of the common obstacles you'll face in the journey of starting a healthcare company and strategies to be successful.


The paper is broken out into 6 parts representing the different ideas you'll inevitably think about.

  • "We should pay people for healthy behaviors"
  • "We need to build a new EMR for patients"
  • "Let's start with self-insured employers"
  • "There are too many entrenched interests, it's not fixable"
  • "Let's make this one process like 5% more efficient"
  • "I guess we're a services business"

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll come to a weird realization where you've done almost all of these things, and you'll hopefully save time by avoiding the mistakes that others have made in the past.

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