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Value-based contracting: the basics

Learn about value-based contracting and the actuarial analytics behind it in an easy-to-understand and practical way. Get firsthand insights shared by a provider and a payer engaged in real-world value-based contracts.
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Finance Associate - Spark Advisors

  • Spark Advisors helps seniors enroll in Medicare and understand their benefits by monitoring coverage, figuring out the right benefits, and deal with insurance issues. They're hiring a finance associate.

Data Engineer - firsthand

  • firsthand is building technology and services to dramatically change the lives of those with serious mental illness who have fallen through the gaps in the safety net. They are hiring a data engineer to build first of its kind infrastructure to empower their peer-led care team.

Data Scientist - J2 Health

  • J2 Health brings together best in class data and purpose built software to enable healthcare organizations to optimize provider network performance. They're hiring a data scientist.

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Hello! There’s like a 2 week period before everyone dips for the holidays so let me slide a few quick updates your way before you ride into the holiday sunset. And a merry out-of-pocket maximum to those that celebrate, scheduling those last minute surgeries before the end of year.

The New Out-Of-Pocket Courses!

The big one, the Out-Of-Pocket crash course catalog expands! Hopefully these will be helpful in getting your teams up to speed quickly so you don’t need to spend internal resources doing this.

The Healthcare 101 Crash Course - I’ll be teaching the definitive crash course on US healthcare again. It’s now enrolling here, and will be running from 1/9 - 1/25. 6 days, 1.5 hours each day, and we’ll go through all the main stakeholders, regulations, business models, etc. in healthcare. You can see the whole curriculum here and enroll.

If you or your employees need to quickly get up to speed on how US healthcare works, I'll do it for you. For money.

Beyond that, I’m excited to announce 3 new courses co-developed and taught by experts in the space.

The Healthcare Marketing 101 Bootcamp: The healthcare marketing 101 course is for beginner - intermediate marketers. It goes through building marketing personas, targeting specific audience types like physicians, the role of content vs. other channels, and more. It goes for 2 days between 2/2-2/9 and is taught by Alyssa Alsheimer. You can reach out to her at for any questions

You can signup and see the curriculum here.

The Healthcare Product 201 Alpha: We’re running an alpha for the Healthcare Product 201 course with a small intimate group at a discount on 1/23 through 1/31. This course is best suited for PMs new to healthcare, first-time PMs from healthcare new to tech, and individuals with product adjacent roles looking to work more effectively with their technology teams. 

The course is going to cover healthcare business models for product prioritization, product principles when building for a diversity of healthcare stakeholders and customer / user personas, metrics driven experimentation, and product frameworks based on company stage. It’s going to have some really awesome peers, a dedicated TA, and guest speakers.

There’s limited spots for this, and for more information about the curriculum and the pricing please email Dhruv Vasishtha who’s teaching the course at

Claims Data 101 - Claims data is probably one of the most utilized datasets in healthcare since it’s so structured and widespread. We’re running an alpha course on everything from what claims are, to how to manipulate and do analyses with them, and even how to set up teams to be successful when dealing with claims data. This will be taught by Vishnu Rachakonda, first data hire at firsthand, starting on 2/6. It has lots of guest speakers giving real-world examples, practical assignments, and more.

This is also going to be an alpha with limited spots, so if you’re interested email him at

Healthcare Ops 101 - Me and Danielle Poreh are currently fleshing out what a healthcare operations course could look like. If you’re interested, please fill out this very short survey. It’ll help us shape the course, and you’ll also get first dibs at a spot when we officially launch the alpha.

We’ll be doing some bulk discounting if you’re signing up multiple people. And if you have any questions, also feel free to email me 

The Talent Collective

The Out-Of-Pocket Talent Collective is working. If you’re a part of it, you get 10-15 new vetted candidates each week that are looking for their next healthcare gig. Some are anonymous, and you won’t find them posting on Linkedin that they’re looking.

You can try it out here, and read the longer form explanation here.

Two quick updates to it:

  1. You can now look for people in a part-time capacity, which is great if you’re trying to bring on consultants or agencies. And vice versa, consultants/agencies now can feel free to apply (and make sure you talk about exactly what your specific skill set is).
  2. If you get the featured tier, you can ALSO post a job on the job board. I’ll tweet out that job, post on linkedin, story on instagram, and other verbs on social media sites. This will get your job in front of people not currently in the Talent Collective as well. You’ll also see featured jobs at the bottom of the newsletter (including at the bottom of this one!)

Try it out, I feel confident of the 270+ candidates in there you’ll find someone really good almost immediately.

If you're looking for your next gig or consulting roles, I encourage you to apply too.


I’ve been doing a little podcasting with my friend Jacob Effron at Redpoint. We’ve done some cool interviews with Eren Bali of Carbon where we talked about entire clinics getting stolen, Bob Kocher aka the GOAT from Venrock about things the ACA did right and could have improved on, and several others.

It has written transcripts, which IMO every podcast should have. It makes it so much easier to ctrl+f for important points, everyone should do this!!

I know the world doesn’t need yet another podcast, but it was cheaper than therapy and these guests wouldn’t take my email otherwise (jk, sorta…). You can see the episodes here.

A children’s book for you weirdos

I got a good secret santa gift you can give this year - a children's book about how clinical trials work. It'll have kids and adults saying "double blind placebo controlled trials are the gold standard" in no time.

It takes a couple weeks to print so get it now. Bonus points if you send me a video of your kid trying to say the word metformin. Double bonus points if it's their first word.

Get it here. Also check out the reviews including the 2 star one that says “it’s meant for kids”, which is news to me.

Last things

  • A new round of applications for the Out-Of-Pocket slack will open up in the next few weeks, if you’re on the newsletter you’ll see it. We’re currently planning our annual retreat, which is always a blast 🙂.
  • Do I have existential dread about the future of Out-Of-Pocket considering how much depends on Twitter, a platform whose existence is in jeopardy? Haha no…but just in case come shitpost with me on instagram. I refuse to be an internet refugee that ends up making LinkedIn my primary social network 🤮.
  • The first Out-Of-Pocket Operations Knowledgefest was a blast! Thanks to everyone that took part - we think we’re hitting on something with this more intimate conference format and we’re excited to keep testing and iterating on new models of it.

2023 planning is underway, there’s even more fun stuff coming down the chamber.

Thinkboi out,

Nikhil aka. “how many side hustles = a real business?”

Twitter: @nikillinit

IG: @outofpockethealth

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