Introducing The OOP Talent Collective

if you're hiring, this will help you find the best candidates

Hello hello.

I'm excited to launch something new today - The Out-Of-Pocket Talent Collective! For companies that are recruiting, this will hopefully be a tool for you to better source the right candidates for your roles.


For people looking for new jobs in health tech, you can say sign up for The Collective anonymously or with your name. You'll fill a bit more out about your health tech experience, and then companies will reach out to you through the platform. You can choose to reveal your identity whenever you want and chat with companies that have an interesting pitch. Right now, I'm limiting this to people that I know personally until there's a process in place to review applications.

For companies that are hiring, you'll get an email every couple of weeks with people that are either actively looking or open to conversations about health tech jobs. These are candidates that are curated by me and are high intent about finding new opportunities. You can sign up for it here.

The first month will be free and the first 6 companies to sign up for the quarterly and yearly tiers will get a free featured job posting in the newsletter/Twitter as well. Use the code "OOPfirstmonth" at checkout.

In terms of why I'm doing this, there are two main reasons. For one, I get asked from both companies and people about finding jobs or candidates in health tech. This is especially true for people new to health tech since Out-Of-Pocket is designed to reach those people but they have no idea where to start on their company search. There's something broken about recruiting today and my hope is that I can use this to better match job seekers with jobs that are right for them. Being able to create and invest in a system to do this is an important part of that.

But also, I've always wanted to focus on quality when it comes to Out-Of-Pocket. The problem is that most business models in the newsletter space have revolved around the volume of sends and the size of the audience. The readership of Out-Of-Pocket is highly valuable and more than just eyeballs. Helping match high-quality candidates to companies feels like a business model that is more aligned with keeping the newsletter quality high, even if I don't publish as frequently.

Currently there are 58 people in the Out-Of-Pocket Talent Collective who are all ballers in my network. People that are ex-CMMI, data scientists, engineers, MDs, etc. are all in there. The first drop will be going out next week for companies signed up for the Collective.

Actual people in the Out-Of-Pocket Collective
Actual people in the Out-Of-Pocket Collective

This Collective is in its V1, so always open to feedback. Over time a few ways this will evolve:

  • Making it easier to connect for part-time, consulting, or advisory work
  • Having more granular and specific questions for candidates about their healthcare specific projects and expertise and more specific questions for employers about the job that are not in the traditional job description (e.g. how does your company make money)
  • Expand past just my personal network

More will come, but hopefully this is something that you're excited about. If any of you have questions about this, please don't hesitate to reach out. Once again, you can check out the Out-Of-Pocket Talent Collective here.

Let's connect the smartest people to jobs in healthcare.

Thinkboi out,

Nikhil aka. “no more cold LinkedIn DMs please”

Twitter: @nikillinit

IG: @outofpockethealth

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If you’re enjoying the newsletter, do me a solid and shoot this over to a friend or healthcare slack channel and tell them to sign up. The line between unemployment and founder of a startup is traction and whether your parents believe you have a job.

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