Out-Of-Pocket's Marketing 101 Bootcamp

Ideal for beginner to intermediate healthcare marketers, this course covers marketing fundamentals and common roles, the marketing process, healthcare marketing best practices, and up and rising trends.

Understanding the Basics of Marketing

Over two sessions, we'll cover the ins and outs of marketing, nuances in the healthcare space, and learn some tools, approaches, and frameworks for putting together a marketing plan. Takeaways include sample org charts, templates for persona development, a sample messaging framework, and a marketing conversion calculator.

Things You'll Get From This Course

Tools and tricks

Discover some new tools to help you become a better marketer, and tricks about how to get the most out of them

Real world examples

Learn how to develop a marketing plan using examples from some of the world's biggest healthcare brands

Scalable approach

A step by step process for creating a strong marketing foundation and scaling as your company grows

Insights & community

Interactive sessions mean you get your questions answered in real time, plus access to a Slack community for your cohort

Meet Your Instructor, Alyssa Alsheimer

Alyssa Alsheimer is the SVP, Marketing and Engagement at Wellframe, and has over a decade of experience working in the advertising agency world (think Don Draper, with less smoking and more PowerPoint).

Alyssa has experience working with brands big and small across a ton of different verticals, including travel, B2B tech, fast casual dining, retail, entertainment, and, of course, healthcare! She's worked on campaigns for pharmaceutical companies, providers, payers, and healthcare startups, and understands the world of marketing and how to adapt best practices to the healthcare space. Her goal is to share processes, tools, and insights to equip anyone for marketing success.

Course Syllabus & Schedule

Day 1

Marketing Fundamentals and the Marketing Process

(2/2, 6-8 PM ET)

We'll start with an overview of common marketing definitions, and some nuances for healthcare. This includes an overview of common marketing functions and roles, a process for how to do marketing, and how to do competitive research and persona development.

Day 2

Launching Campaigns, Healthcare Marketing Basics, and Trends

(2/9, 6-8 PM ET)

Picking up from day 1, we'll discuss best practices for budgeting, creating a messaging framework, common tools, and how to measure success. We'll then review some of the specific nuances for healthcare marketing, and talk about trends we're watching in the space.

Day 3

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Day 4

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Day 5

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Day 6

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Day 7

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Day 8

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Day 9

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Day 10

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this 101 course for?

Anyone who wants to learn more about marketing, especially in the healthcare space. This includes any beginner to intermediate marketers, or anyone looking to get a grounding in marketing basics. Past attendees have included:

  • Marketing pros
  • People at early-stage startups who wear a lot of hats
  • Folks in other roles looking to transition to marketing
  • Founders or investors

How much is it?

The current price for the course is $500. If you can't cover the course, we will look to let in a few free folks each cohort - reach out to me at alyssa@outofpocket.health for info.

Bulk pricing is also available if you're signing up multiple people from your company. Shoot me an email at alyssa@outofpocket.health.

Do I have to be at every session? How long are they?

Each session is 2 hours, and the course is comprised of 2 sessions. We will make recordings available, but we do recommend attending live so you can engage and ask questions!

Will I be a marketing expert after finishing this course?

No, but you'll have the tools and frameworks you need to build a strong foundation as a healthcare marketer, and access to a community afterwards as you continue to hone your skills!

Is there a lot of work?

There is no additional work required outside of class time, but we will offer the opportunity to try out some of our takeaways in between sessions, and get feedback from your instructor and cohort.

I have another question not answered here

Email me at alyssa@outofpocket.health and I'll get back to you!

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