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US healthcare is a joke. Let's make it funny.

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Value-based contracting: the basics

Learn about value-based contracting and the actuarial analytics behind it in an easy-to-understand and practical way. Get firsthand insights shared by a provider and a payer engaged in real-world value-based contracts.
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Finance Associate - Spark Advisors

  • Spark Advisors helps seniors enroll in Medicare and understand their benefits by monitoring coverage, figuring out the right benefits, and deal with insurance issues. They're hiring a finance associate.

Data Engineer - firsthand

  • firsthand is building technology and services to dramatically change the lives of those with serious mental illness who have fallen through the gaps in the safety net. They are hiring a data engineer to build first of its kind infrastructure to empower their peer-led care team.

Data Scientist - J2 Health

  • J2 Health brings together best in class data and purpose built software to enable healthcare organizations to optimize provider network performance. They're hiring a data scientist.

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Out of Pocket is a weekly comedic deep-dive and analysis into the rabbithole that is our healthcare system. Existing healthcare research is dry and boring, and raises questions like:

  • Why are 75% of all healthcare conversations defining what a “digital therapeutic” is?
  • Why do I have to google MACRA to understand the article about it?
  • Why does MACRA contain ANOTHER ACRONYM IN IT??? (MACRA = Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act, CHIP = Children's Health Insurance Program)??

I promise this won’t be another newsletter that you’re going to archive to “read later” and then tell everyone else that they should totally sign up for it. This shit is gonna slap.

I did healthcare research at CB Insights, building our healthcare newsletter to 90K+ subscribers. I also worked on the partnerships team at TrialSpark.

Come for the memes, stay for the analysis. Or just stay for the memes, whatever floats your boat.

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