Announcing the Out-Of-Pocket Job Board!

Recruiting a ton? Get your healthcare jobs in front of the right people

I have a fun announcement for folks. Today Out-Of-Pocket is officially launching a paid job board for healthcare companies.

We all know Linkedin sucks for finding jobs. Swimming through the stanza’d broetry to find job postings is unbearable. Most of job hunting now is some amalgamation of recruiters reaching out, your friends telling you about jobs for companies they may or not be advising, crying until a job shows up, etc. cue black and white infomercial There must be a better way!

The idea for this job board is pretty simple. For people looking for jobs in healthcare, you can put your preferences and get an alert each time a new company that fits your criteria is posted. This is useful if you’re not “looking” but just want to know what’s out there (we’ve all been there).

For companies, you can get your jobs in front of people that self-select to read long-form posts about trends in the industry. I can bet you that it correlates with high performers, though I’m not going to run an RCT to confirm that *guffaw guffaw*. 

The newsletter is also designed to be accessible/readable to folks that aren’t in healthcare but want to learn more. You could be the lucky company to convert them into healthcare acolytes.

The job board can be found on the website now.

There are two tiers of posts. The first is the job board itself which will keep the job listing on the board for 30 days. The second is the featured posts which I'll tweet out each week, will  posted in a newsletter edition, and will have a featured job posting slot on the board for 30 days.

You can see both tiers of job posts for purchase on the job board. I’m capping the number of featured posts in newsletters to 3 per week right now, so it’s first come, first serve. If you’re planning on buying multiple job board slots, shoot me an email at for some bulk discounting.

Step 3 of the Out-Of-Pocket master plan is to get more smart people jobs in healthcare, and this is a meaningful step towards that. If you want to get a job in healthcare and don’t know where to start, put your preferences on the board to get alerted. If you’re hiring like crazy and want ambitious people that are constantly learning, post a job. 

Any questions, shoot me an email

Thinkboi out,

Nikhil aka. “trust the unemployed guy to help you find a job”

Twitter: @nikillinit

IG: @outofpockethealth

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