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Learn the basics of healthcare in a fun, entertaining, and accessible way

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A crash course breaking down the fundamentals of building a healthcare call center. Ideal for early stage founders, operators or product teams looking to build right from day 1. You’ll leave this course with over 20+ templates, best practices and a stack of knowledge to help you at every stage of building.
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The OOP Healthcare Course

When I started learning how healthcare worked 8 years ago, it took so long for me to understand basic concepts. Everything was acronym filled, dry, and hard to understand because I didn’t have a foundational knowledge of how healthcare worked. 

Oop Healthcare Course- Out-Of-Pocket Health - Analysis + Comedy.

For the last year and a half, I’ve been working and iterating on a healthcare 101 crash course that I wish existed when I was getting started. Today, I’m excited to announce its launch (imagine one tear streaming down my eye as I write that). 

Oop Healthcare Course- Out-Of-Pocket Health - Analysis + Comedy.

You can find information about it here. Over 3 weeks starting on 10/17, we’ll tackle all the major stakeholders in healthcare, how they make money, important regulations that impact them, and how they interact with the other stakeholders. 

Oop Healthcare Course- Out-Of-Pocket Health - Analysis + Comedy.

This will be a live, virtual course but sessions will be recorded if you miss them. There will also be a slack for students during the course where there will be short assignments, prompts for the group, and maybe even your future co-founder :). 

Oop Healthcare Course- Out-Of-Pocket Health - Analysis + Comedy.

This course is hopefully helpful to anyone who wants to quickly get up to speed about the US healthcare system, but some particular personas that this seems to resonate the most with:

  • Healthcare companies onboarding many non-healthcare people that want to get them up to speed for onboarding
  • People that have been in a specific role for a while and want to learn how the industry as a whole works and think more strategically
  • Agencies or investors that has a healthcare division and need to understand the motivations of their end customers
  • Founders or heads of strategy of international companies thinking about cracking into the US market and want to get a lay of the land
  • Anyone thinking of starting a healthcare company that needs a baseline understanding of what happens today to think about ways to fix it

It’s been truly a labor of love (and a little hatred tbh) to get this course together, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. 

With this course finally launched, there are 3 sub-courses currently in development taught by experts in their respective fields.

  • Healthcare marketing 101 alpha is almost full and about to launch (email Alyssa Alsheimer, the course instructor, at alyssa@outofpocket.health).
  • Healthcare data 101 coming soon (fill out this survey if you’re interested in the alpha when it launches)
  • Healthcare product 101 coming soon (fill out this survey if you’re interested in the alpha when it launches)

The idea is that over time Out-Of-Pocket will have a suite of crash courses that can get you up to speed on your role and the part of the industry you work in. Right now companies spend a ton of time and internal resources teaching their employees this information, which is expensive when your employees have a million other things to do. 

If you have any questions about the course, please email me nikhil@outofpocket.health. 

Oop Healthcare Course- Out-Of-Pocket Health - Analysis + Comedy.

I hope you find this course helpful, and excited to see some of you join.

Thinkboi out,

Nikhil aka. "teachboi"

Twitter: @nikillinit

IG: @outofpockethealth

Other posts: outofpocket.health/posts



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