Price Transparency: Everything You Need To Know

Learn about price transparency in healthcare in a simple-to-understand and fun way. Understand what’s required from payers and hospitals today, what’s in the works, and what that has spurred from the petabyte of price transparency data that has already been made public.

Price transparency is arriving, prepare yourself

Each day we’ll cover a different perspective of price transparency – the legislation that created it, the impact it’s having now and how that will evolve, and a deeper dive into the technical elements. We’ll toss in some lightweight assignments. Do them if you wish.
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Things You'll Get From This Course


We’ll cover payers, providers, and other stakeholders impacted by price transparency.

Hands-On Learning

Using real data, you’ll get to jump in and assess data quality and completeness for yourself.

Expert Instructors

The presenters live, eat, breathe, and sleep price transparency. They know their stuff.


Price transparency will be transformative for the healthcare industry. Learn what the future holds and how you can get involved.

Meet Your Instructor,

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8/21 - 8/23

Meet Your Instructors

Chris Severn

Chris is the Co-Founder and CEO of Turquoise Health, a startup focused on simplifying healthcare reimbursement through price transparency. His background spans 10+ years modeling managed care contracts at Cloudmed as a Product Manager and heading machine learning projects for hospital payment integrity at Arcosta. Chris recently testified in front of Congress on lowering health care costs through transparency and competition.

Carol Skenes

Carol is Turquoise Health’s subject matter expert on all price transparency Final Rules, laws, and legislation, with a specific focus on the revenue cycle and the payer/provider landscape. She has spent over 12 years working in healthcare, primarily focusing on payment review and denials management, revenue integrity, CDM optimization, EHR automation, and price transparency.

Arian Akhavan

Arian is the Head of Data Product at Turquoise Health, leading the charge in making price transparency data accessible and usable for all. He previously spent five years working on outpatient coding and charge capture projects at Triage Consulting Group and Nordic Consulting Partners. 

Course Syllabus & Schedule

Module 1

Day 1

Intro, Legislation and Rules, and the New Payer/Provider Landscape

(8/21, 6-7 PM ET)

We’ll start by describing what price transparency really means in healthcare and how we got to where we are in 2023. That will take us into rules and laws (and, of course, delays), legislation, what kind of rates get reported, and what price transparency data looks like so far. We’ll also discuss the adoption curve and how transparency has changed the payer/provider landscape.

Module 2

Day 2

Estimates and Use Cases

(8/22, 6-7 PM ET)

In this session, we’ll review some of the more patient-focused aspects of price transparency – estimates. Between ‘shoppable services,’ patient estimate tools, good faith estimates and advance explanations of benefits, there may be a future where the patient gets more of a guarantee than an estimate. We’ll also dive deeper into use cases for price transparency data. From market expansion, to small providers competing with hospitals and payers competing with each other, data has made it less of a guessing game and, in many cases, is leveling the playing field for stakeholders across the healthcare landscape.

Module 3

Day 3

Technical components of price transparency data

(8/23, 6-7 PM ET)

This will be a more technical session focusing on machine-readable files from both hospitals and payers and the challenges in parsing, processing, and surfacing the underlying data. We’ll talk about how we’ve made the data useful so far, and how it could be more useful in the future.

Module 4

Day 4

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Module 5

Day 5

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Module 6

Day 6

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Module 7

Day 7

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Module 8

Day 8

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Module 9

Day 9

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Module 10

Day 10

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to learn about price transparency, the impact it's having on the entire healthcare landscape, and the data that has been made available. 

  • Consumers interested in learning about healthcare costs, estimates, and what’s being done to make everything more transparent. 
  • Healthcare industry vets across trying to learn how price transparency is affecting their roles (providers, payers, consultants.. anybody, really).
  • Innovators trying to use price transparency as an opportunity to improve the patient experience or reduce the burden and cost of administration.

How much is it?

Free. There’s some price transparency for ya.

Do I have to be at every session?

No, but our feelings will be hurt if you skip class.

Is there a lot of work?

There will be some optional assignments that align with the course, but you’ll be able to complete them without a large time commitment. 

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Next Cohort Starts
8/21 - 8/23