Selling to Health Systems 101

Crash course that breaks down the byzantine process of selling to health systems. Maybe you just achieved product-market fit. Or you’ve been selling for a while but just transitioned to healthcare. This course will get you ready to confidently knock on hospital doors and sell to every person who has a seat at the decision table.
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Things You'll Get From This Course

Ready-to-Deploy Tools

The assignments flesh out every component of the Sales Playbook so you can confidently send that first cold email and execute the sales process.

One-on-One Feedback

Q&A during each session, private office hours on Zoom, Slack open office hours, and feedback on your assignments.

Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers that have been there/done that by selling various types of services and products to health systems.


A Slack group with your fellow students so you can learn from one another and build your network long after the final session.

Meet Your Instructor,

Meet Your Instructors, Neelesh and Matt

Neelesh Mittal

Neelesh has been in the medical device industry since 2010 working across sales, marketing, product management, regulatory affairs, and medical affairs. He has successfully sold to non-profit health systems, for-profit health systems, the VA Healthcare System, and private medical practices.

His company Bayside Operations Technology deploys service robots to healthcare systems and national senior living organizations, and previously _____

He lives on the immediate left side of the Hudson River (a.k.a. New Jersey) with his wife and baby, and estimates that Coke Zero is at least 10% of his bloodstream.

Matt Papagno

Matt has been working in medical device commercialization since 2008. Matt started his career at Zimemr where he became the youngest Director of Sales. In 2018, Matt started a sales consulting firm with the goal of helping European medical device startups enter the US-market.

Today, Matt serves as the CEO of Clozex Medical, a medical device company in the wound space. Matt resides in Massachusetts with his wife and young children. In his spare time, he focuses on family activities and loves making his own wine!

Course Syllabus & Schedule

Module 1

Day 1

Identifying and Navigating Every Buying Influence for Your Sale

(4/25, 530 - 7 PM EST)

We'll define what a Buying Influence is, and what each one cares about. Then it's it building every component of The Sales Playbook (don’t ever start selling without having this done!)

Module 2

Day 2

Getting your First Meetings as a Startup

(4/25, 530 - 7 PM EST)

We'll figure out the “poke-the-bear” (a la Josh Braun) for each Influence – a.k.a. what makes their blood boil. Then, how to write a high-converting first cold email that separates you from the pack. And finally, how to pick the right conference to attend without spending more than a couple thousand dollars.

Module 3

Day 3

Building and Executing an Amazing First Sales Meeting

(4/29, 530 - 7 PM ET)

You'll learn why 95% of sales decks are terrible at showing off your product. We'll cover how to grab the attention of your audience from the very first words out of your mouth (hint: it’s not “hey I have a few slides here, let me know if you can see my screen.”) Plus how to conduct amazing discovery which will tell you if you’re wasting your time or have a worthy prospect on your hands.

Module 4

Day 4

Contracting and Closing

(5/2, 530 - 7 PM ET)

Finally, how to write contract terms that meet the needs of every decision maker for your sale. We'll go through how and why every function in your company contributes to specific clauses in each contract. And how to bake in the “give and take” that gets the deal to signature.

Module 5

Day 5

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Module 6

Day 6

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Module 7

Day 7

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Module 8

Day 8

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Module 9

Day 9

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Module 10

Day 10

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

You are:

  • A non-healthcare B2B sales professional and want to learn if healthcare sales is the right transition for you.
  • New to a healthcare sales role and need to quickly ramp up so you can achieve quota sooner than later.
  • A US-based or outside-US founder looking to build your knowledgebase of American health systems so you are ready to sell once you receive regulatory approval.
  • A product, engineering, marketing, customer success, or operations professional wanting to level up your career by learning how to better serve your customer and support your company’s revenue targets.  
  • Starting to think about a career in B2B sales and are interested in exploring healthcare sales

Who is this course NOT for?

  • Someone who has been selling to health systems for a few years and have a few wins under your belt.
  • Primarily interested in selling to small individual medical practices.
  • Are very far off from PMF.

How much is it?

$1,500. For corporate discounts, contact

Do I have to attend every session? How long are they?

Each session is 1.5 hours, twice a week.

Sessions will be recorded - however you'll be missing out on the interactive parts and chances to ask questions. Plus be honest with yourself, are you really going to go back and listen attentively?

Will I be a health systems sales expert after taking this course?

No. Of course not. You can only be an expert if you’ve consistently closed many deals over a period of many years. Our first cohort even had students that were selling to health systems for 5+ years.

But you will go from knowing absolutely nothing about how to sell to health systems to having a ready-to-execute playbook and the inside baseball to start confidently knocking on doors and navigating the maze that is a health system.

Is there a lot of work?

You'll get as much as you put into it. There are meaty homework assignments and supplementary materials.

The whole point of this course is for you to leave with a ready-to-deploy Sales Playbook so you can confidently knock on hospital doors and sell. That means you need to do the homework, ask questions, and attend office hours.

If you don’t think you will be able to be an active participant in this course, then we recommend that you not enroll.

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