Operations Knowledgefest 2022

San Francisco, Candid Health Office (930 Alabama Street)

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November 5, 2022
9:00 AM

A New Type Of Healthcare Conference

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Congrats on making the cut for the first Out-Of-Pocket Knowledgefest! It's going to be filled with awesome people, discussions, and actionable things for you to take away.

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We’re capping the event to 70 people and would like folks to commit sooner than later; to lock in your spot, please purchase your ticket and register before 09/16. These tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable (except for extenuating circumstances).

Below are the topics we will be covering for the day. It will be a combination of breakouts, panels, talks and debates with speakers to be announced soon.

Defining a “shared language” to supercharge cross-functional building. 

As an ops team, we are often closest to the member experience and can leverage this member-centric positioning to surface insights and opportunities to the business. Doing this effectively starts with creating a “shared language” between teams to align on the needs. 

In this two part session, we will start by presenting case studies from different organizations and then move into a practical session to collectively design a service design blueprint focused on your customer. 

How to create process documentation that is actually useful.

There is no shortage of software options: Guru, Google Docs, Tango, Zendesk, Notion, etc. What are we actually documenting and how do we make this USEFUL?

In this scenario, we will share a few frameworks and examples for how to think of the design of documentation, the goals, and evaluate different options for software. Then, we will move into a scenario where we will take a customer service process and as a group build a process document and share it within the team. 

The behind the scenes of a great user experience.

Building an amazing user experience isn’t just reflected in the product, it’s also the back-office functionality that powers every interaction. These processes can get messy quickly, but luckily, many of us have built and scaled solutions to power many of these, such as RCM billing, contact center management, documentation gathering, and software decision making. For this portion of the day, we’ll be in break out rooms, where a process veteran will share their learnings and best practices.

Outsourcing back-office functions vs. taking in house

The age old product question: should we build or buy it? Or in ops: Should we hire for it or outsource it? Things will get spicy during our debate where we’ll be taking this question to practice. 


We're very excited to see you all, and hope you'll attend this inaugural event.

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